Product Information

Visco series

The scorebook by Visio
Make scoring easier, simpler

Visco is a specialized application software for Microsoft Office Visio that easily digitalizes paper-type scorebooks. Similar to other Office software, Visco is so easy to work on that it does not bother you to enter the score. All digital, input data can be freely counted and stored in other systems.

・Visco For Baseball 2
・Visco For Soccer
・Visco For Rugby
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Vector map of the Japan Map Center documents for Visio

"vMap" is based on the Digital Map 2500 (spatial data framework) and the Digital Map 25000 (spatial data framework). With a document format for Visio 2003, vMap enables the users of Visio 2003 to open map documents to use. "vMap" documents are under the supervision of the Japan Map Center.


For flexible mapping

Mapic2 is a software specializing in mapping that enables loading of Geographical Survey Institute (Government of Japan) digital maps into Visio.
Concrete, specific data of the original GSI publication help make mapping accurate and precise. Mapic2 also makes it easy to filter the data to create the maps that meet your needs.

FIS (Facility Information System) for Network

Visualize your networking equipment management on the web!

A new facility management system, FIS leads to a comprehensive building facility management on the web.
FIS for Network controls networking equipments with layout drawings, implementation drawings and tree diagrams. FIS also helps interface the information on new hardware and installed software with the existing maintenance and assets data.

FM Tools

Free-of-charge shapes on the website are available for counting/reporting

FM Tools figures out and analyzes asset information and its cost efficiently, handling the data of space and furniture of a building in visual formats. A "system for users", FM tools, in addition to Visio, solve the problem of facility administration by users, where a core CAD disturbs them from ongoing operation.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Converter series

Why not make your data fit for use on the network?

・SVG Converter for DXF
・SVG Converter for HPGL
・SVG Converter for Visio

SVG Converter series converts various vector format (DXF, HPGL, Visio) files into SVG-format, an open standard of XML language applicable for web graphics.
With no CAD software, converted SVG files enable you to look at and print CAD pictures.

DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) Analyzer

Try before giving up reading DXF files!

DXF Analyzer assists analyzing of DXF files. If you ever failed to load DXF into your CAD software, DXF Analyzer will be a savior.